Who is Kendra?

Kendra is a mother, wife, aunt and friend. She is very honest, down to earth, very opinionated, and judgment free. Her words are vile at times, but she is never regretful for her thoughts. Kendra is a sassy hipster who loves fashion. She does not follow the rules and is willing to take risks. Her confidence is undeniable. It took her years to be the woman she is today, and she is very thankful. Kendra is very in tune with her sensual side. She loves being a woman! She also loves giving advice. Sex should always be second nature and she is here to encourage women around the world to explore and be confident with their beautiful bodies. Kendra is a lover, fighter, giver, motivator, helper and encourager. Her heart is filled with joy and excitement, willing to help women unselfishly. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride! This place will be filled with everything imaginable. Nothing is off limits. Enjoy.